5 Gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s day is right around the corner! What better way to celebrate your dad on Father’s day then to shower him with gifts. Here are a few great suggestions that we have come up with at Clarisonic to show your appreciation this Father’s Day.

1. Charcoal Gray Clarisonic Classic

Men love the Clarisonic just as much as women do. Want dad to get a closer shave, and reduce that irritating razor burn that he grumbles about? The Clarisonic Classic has proven to do just that. It comes in a great “guy” color too, Charcoal Gray!

2. Men’s Shaving Kit

Since we are all about having great skin, grab dad a men’s shaving kit for Dad’s Day! Packed with all of the great tools to keep his scruff in check, clean his face, and keep his skin feeling smooth, it is a great gift to show your appreciation.

3. Men’s Magazine Subscription

Grab dad a men’s lifestyle magazine subscription for Father’s Day. Not only will he gain useful and insightful tips but, it is the type of gift that keeps on giving every month for a year.

4. Espresso Machine

Father’s love everything fast and efficient, especially in the morning. If the dad in your life is an avid espresso man, we know that a sleek and shiny espresso machine for Father’s Day is something that he will enjoy.

5. Bonsai Tree

Moms like flowers, dads like trees. A bonsai tree symbolizes patience, happiness, and serenity. A little piece of the outdoors could be just what he needs to brighten up his day.

Do you have the perfect Father’s Day Gift? Have a Happy Father’s Day from Clarisonic and Aserenity Skin |Body!

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