body treatments

body treatments

Body Treatments can be combined with massage or facials
for a full body rejuvenation.

aserenity scrub


Our sugar scrub is unlike any scrub you have had before. Relax as your therapist melts an organic sugar scrub into your skin promoting cell turnover. Enjoy a firmer, toner appearance with regular treatments.

herbal detox wrap


Our Herbal Detox Wrap will help you and your body lighten the load of stress and environmental factors while boosting circulation, stimulating metabolism, and ridding the body of harmful toxins. During this treatment your body will be drenched with our Fijian Ginger Detox Mask. Once this mask is applied to your skin you will receive a relaxing face and scalp massage with our Detox Oil. This oil is a blend of Fijian nuts and other detoxing extracts such as grapefruit, lemon, juniper, rosemary, and many others. This amazing oil blend will aid in the detoxification process. Once your body had taken in the Ginger Detox Mask you will receive an application of the Detox Oil to your entire body. Your body will be Detoxed from head to toe!

perfecting body ritual


The Perfecting Body Ritual will make your body glow by using a Fijian renewal system. You will begin with an exfoliation to address sun damaged skin, age spots, and overall skin tone. A Fijian mask rich in AHA’s is applies and allowed to work in a warming wrap. You will also receive a hydrating hand and foot treatment with Fijian Body Butter. Once your wrap is complete you will receive a second full body exfoliation with our Nourishing Sugar Rub. This second exfoliation will truly bring the youthful appearance of your skin to the surface and will provide you with a smooth and even skin tone. Your treatment will conclude with a nourishing application of our Botanical Refining Balm. This high performance anti-oxidant blend will nourish and promote the regeneration of healthy skin cells. You will leave glowing and relaxed.

nourishing scalp treatment


A warm conditioning treatment is massaged into the scalp with your choice of oily or dry scalp remedy. This process helps restore hairs vitality and shine. Recommended to leave on scalp for several hours. Includes a neck and shoulder massage.