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You Should Add an Ice Roller to Your Skincare Routine

The Benefits and How to Use It If you have started to notice the increased buzz about Ice Rollers and you are not sure about the benefits it offers your skin, let me tell you why we use it at ASerenity Skin | Body and I use it at home. As a skincare professional for…

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Hyperpigmentation Causes

Hyperpigmentation is a very common skin condition many people have. It is an excess of melanin, or pigment, in a single area of the skin. There are many ways this can occur. Here are some examples of what can cause hyperpigmentation or “dark spots”. 1. Sun Exposure Melanin’s main purpose is to absorb harmful sun…

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Let’s Talk About Papaya

Papaya, a pear shaped orange fruit that has grown in the Caribbean and other tropical areas around the world is a fruit with many benefits. Some say that Papaya helps prevent cancer, treats dandruff, and even is a natural form of birth control (Not to say I would try it though…). Out of the many…

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Use Organic Coconut Oil Instead of a Sunscreen Protector

If you are looking for another good alternative for sun block you should try organic coconut oil.  It is going to protect your skin from the sun rays without any harsh chemicals. We are talking about the same coconut oil that you have in your kitchen and cook with. I know, your surprised.  It will…

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Microcurrent Facial, Benefits and Why You Need One

Everybody today seems to be talking about micro current facial treatments.  It looks to be the new buzz word in skin care process.  So what is microcurrent, what is a microcurrent facial and why should you get one. Microcurrent “recharges” the facial tissue by combining electrical stimulation in combination with the naturally occurring biological current…

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Benefits You Get From Having a Microdermabrasion Facial Treatment

Your Skin Your skin is the most exposed organ of your body and will suffer damage throughout your life.  Living in a sunny and big city like San Diego exposes your skin to sun, heat, and pollution.  Even if you use sunscreen or moisturizers, some of these dangers attack your skin in ways that sunscreen…

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Come Ask Us Questions

Today, we just had a woman stop by to ask questions about microdermabrasion treatments. It turns out she lives in the neighborhood, has driven past us many times and finally decided she was going to see why she sees so many women coming to our skin center. We love questions. We participate in many training…

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Pumpkin Facials – The Real Reason You Should Get One

It seems around this time, many day spas start offering a pumpkin facial or pumpkin peel.  Is it because of Thanksgiving, and they are trying to get you jump started on the season, using the power of the smell of pumpkin?  Or is there a different reason, a reason that proves why pumpkin treatments are…

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Major Benefits of Oxygen Facials for Skin Cells

The team at ASerenity has been using Oxygen in facials treatments for over ten years. Over that time we have shared the benefits with our many clients in their facials and in giving out skincare knowledge.  Today, we want to share what Dr. Marc Ronert, president of Image Skincare has to say about the major…

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