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Eyebrow tips from Hannah

Keep products off the brows – Stay clear of moisturizers, foundations, gels and other products around the brow area. All of these can absorb into the brow and prevent hair growth. We need to remember brows shouldn’t be treated like skin, they’re hair follicles. If you wouldn’t put a product on your scalp, don’t put…

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Why Get a Bikini Wax at ASerenity

We are heading toward winter and beach days are going to be more and more unusual as time goes by.  Is this a reason to wait until spring to get “beach-ready” again?  It is actually the exact opposite and this is why: We always hear “beauty is pain”, but it should not be that way,…

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Need A Last Minute Gift?

ASerenity Skin | Body makes it easy to purchase Gift Certificates Online. If you need that last minute gift that they will love you for…then go to our website and pick the perfect Gift Certificate!

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Yelp Reviews!

I love Yelp! What a great way to promote your business. We recently did some of these Daily Deals (Groupon, Local Twist and so on) to promote our business and make some of our services more affordable to those who wanted to give us a try. For the most part, they did great, however, sometimes…

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