Does social media work for the skin care industry?

Lately there has been alot of talk on social media, from sports to the presidential election, social media (twitter, facebook) seem to be the preferred method of communication between people.

I watch Shark Tank partly for the entertainment value and partly to learn how to be a better businesswoman.  On their blog, under “4 lessons in business from entrepreneurs in the shark tank”, they talk about being active on social media. (see full post here).  So that leads me to think that social media is an important element that I need to have in my business.

As the owner of a skin center in San Diego, I am personally wondering if social media works in the skin care industry?  Will social media help to grow my business?  Are my clients, both current and new, looking for me on facebook and twitter?  Do my clients want to interact with me after they leave the spa, via facebook or twitter, and is my knowledge and experience as valuable being received on a smartphone?  I have a facebook and twitter accounts and would love to hear from clients about how they feel communicating about skin issues and what would they like to hear from me.  And if you are a spa, salon or skin care professional, I would love to know if social media has helped you.  I would embrace opportunities to enhance my value to clients, providing answers to their skin care concerns, helping them navigate all the many skin care products on the market, and share new exciting changes in the skin industry.  So respond back to me via twitter and facebook and let me know how you feel about using social media to help you with your skin care needs.

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