Hyperpigmentation Causes

HyperpigmentationHyperpigmentation is a very common skin condition many people have. It is an excess of melanin, or pigment, in a single area of the skin. There are many ways this can occur. Here are some examples of what can cause hyperpigmentation or “dark spots”.

1. Sun Exposure
Melanin’s main purpose is to absorb harmful sun rays. Too much exposure will produce more melanin, causing darker skin.

2. Pregnancy
Hormonal changes within the body can cause melasma, also known as “pregnancy mask”.

3. Acne Blemishes
Acne blemishes are red and inflamed. After they heal, they can leave behind a scar that looks like a dark spot. The scar color can vary, but can look darker on darker skin tones.

4. In-Grown Hairs
This is a condition among those with course hair. The hair begins to grow back down into the follicle causing irritation and inflammation. After the in-grown hair is treated, a scar can be left on the skin. This happens mostly after shaving and waxing.

5. Skin Trauma
Scratches, scrapes, and burns are all examples of lesions that can develop into a dark spot. Those with darker skin tones are more vulnerable to hyperpigmentation from trauma.

There are many treatments for hyperpigmentation from using lightening serum products at home, to getting a series of chemical peels. Talk to your skin care experts at ASerenity to figure out which treatment is best for you. Stop by, or call 619.400.6400

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