Important Benefits You Get From Regular Massages

We all enjoy a nice massage when we feel tired or tense; however, they are some unexpected benefits we should take into account that can be gained from making massages a regular habit.

The modern world is full of dangers that attack our bodies every day.  Job related stress, junk food consumption due to lack of time or extended periods of sitting at our desk are common examples of situations that can cause all kinds of body disorders.

We need to protect and prevent these daily assaults on our body, and it has been proven that massages can be very helpful to stave off many body related problems caused by our fast and busy everyday lives.  Your skin is your largest organ, and movements and pressures on it can have different consequences on your inner body systems.  Massage can be used to enhance your blood circulation, creating a domino effect on every organ, muscle and inner tissue in your body.

massage at aserenity

Massages are not just for relaxing.  Did you know that they can also help in healing and/or preventing sports injuries, pain and muscle tension by increasing skin regeneration and flexibility, in addition, improve your immune system and your energy level?  It has been proven that regular massages have a very positive effect on digestive disorders, headaches, nerve pain, and can help you take control of your body in order to heal additions such as tobacco use or alcohol abuse.

But that’s not all.  The relaxing movements from a massage will also have an effect on many brain related problems, such as stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression and will help you to have a calm, positive, creative and more rested mind.

The team at ASerenity Skin | Body has different massage modalities and body treatments to help you relieve tension, reduce stress in various body areas, treat your skin, and boost your energy to help you confront your everyday life in a more efficient, positive, and relaxed way.  Contact us to see results today!

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