Joel B. White of JWL Art Designs now on display at ASerenity Skin | Body

Some of the works of San Diego pen and ink artist Joel B. White can now be seen at ASerenity in our 3939 Voltaire Street location.

Art by Joel White

“After seeing his work, I knew I wanted to hang them here”, said Anke, owner of the business. “He has a flow that blends well with the energy here in the day spa.”

One of the artist’s favorite works “Warrior Queen”, greets you as you walk in. Joel shared that this piece was done to honor some of the strong women in his life. “Being a woman business owner, I felt it also represented me and some of the things I have experienced in life”, quotes Anke.

Joel is a self taught artist who enjoys expressing his emotions in pen and ink. His work has been exhibited at the Athenaeum Music and Arts Library in La Jolla, California, the Lady Bug Art Studio in San Diego, and Mason’s Barre and Grille in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As of next week at the St. James Espresso coffee bar in Kirkland, Washington, some of Joel’s other works will be exhibited, also.

To learn more about JWL Art Designs and see other works of Joel, visit his website at or stop by ASerenity or St.James Espresso.

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