Let’s Talk About Papaya

papaya used in facialsPapaya, a pear shaped orange fruit that has grown in the Caribbean and other tropical areas around the world is a fruit with many benefits. Some say that Papaya helps prevent cancer, treats dandruff, and even is a natural form of birth control (Not to say I would try it though…). Out of the many medicinal properties papaya has to offer, I’m going to explain the Aesthetic benefits of the fruit.

Skincare benefits of using Papaya

Papaya contains vitamin A and B, which help with aging skin. Another useful component that Papaya contains is an enzyme called Papain that is found in green papayas. As an enzyme, papain helps exfoliates and dissolve the dead skin cells that lay on the surface of the skin and regenerates new, and healthy skin cells which also aids with aging skin. That also contributes to the natural AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) that are naturally present in the fruit. The flesh of the fruit is known to have a wonderful hydrating property when left on the skin. In fact, people use the orange fruit to mash into a paste and apply it on their feet to treat cracked and dry heels.

Now before you start leaving your house to buy the 3 papaya’s that you’re itching to try out, I’d like to say that papaya can be irritating to sensitive skin types, as I happen to know from a personal account. I have had a period of living with very sensitive skin a few years back and I wanted to try a papaya enzyme mask that I bought from a store. I’m not going to name the company out of respect but like I said this is a personal account. The instructions on the label said to leave on for 15 minutes. I felt slight stinging after just applying the mask onto my face; I left it on because I thought it meant it was working on the dead cells and tissue. At about 5 of the minutes I allowed the mask to sit on my face I looked like I was ready to be picked off of a vine. So of course I washed off every bit of that mask down to the last molecule. So whether you apply a mask that you made yourself or one you bought from the store, be aware that if you are sensitive use this mask with caution. If you feel any burning or any redness within the first minute of application rinse it off completely with cold water. Don’t worry, if papaya wasn’t for you, there are plenty of other safe and natural ways to treat and hydrate your skin.

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