There are 5 main reasons why your Brazilian wax hurts at other waxing establishments

There are 5 main reasons why your Brazilian wax hurts at other waxing establishments:

1) They’re using the wrong type of wax;

2) The esthetician is using improper techniques, has insufficient training, and/or is inexperienced;

3) The wax temperature is too hot;

4) They rush your service;

5) There’s a lack of confidence by your esthetician

The Wrong Type of Wax

There are 2 types of wax used for a Brazilian bikini waxing: 1) strip wax (also known as soft wax or honey wax) or 2) hard wax. Most salons, spas, and waxing establishments use strip wax. The problem with using strip wax in the delicate bikini area is that it hurts like x*!!!!!! Did you ever feel like your labia was ripped off only to be left in the trash can along with the discarded wax and strips? The strip wax does stick to the skin and takes off a layer of skin with the strip. OUCH! The hard wax only stick to the hair, so it hurts a lot less!

Hard wax is less painful and provides a more pleasant experience, but only if the right type of hard wax is used along with the proper technique.

So why don’t salons & spas use hard wax for Brazilian bikini, underarm, and facial waxing services? Cost is the main reason. Strip wax is far less expensive to purchase for salon & spa owners and lasts longer than hard wax because not as much product is needed.

Time is the second reason. Strip wax is a faster method to use vs. hard wax. This feature is very attractive to many salons & spas because if it takes less time to wax a client using strip wax, they can book more clients and make more money despite your service being more painful.

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At ASerenity Skin | Body your comfort is our number one priority. We use the best hard waxing system in the world to ensure a thorough and virtually painless Brazilian bikini wax. We also use this wax system on other delicate areas such as the face and underarms as well as all over the body. We never use strip wax.

Improper Technique

Another reason your Brazilian bikini wax may hurt is because your esthetician is using an improper technique and/or is in-experienced. In addition to using a high quality wax system, there needs to be certain techniques used by your esthetician to ensure a virtually painless treatment. At ASerenity Skin | Body our estheticians have be thoroughly trained by the owner who has over 20 years experience and have perfected the proper waxing techniques needed to give you a virtually painless Brazilian bikini waxing service.

Wax Temperature is Too Hot

Many estheticians who use strip wax in the delicate bikini and facial areas often have trouble getting the temperature just right…often times it gets too hot burning the client in the process. We’re not talking about a first-degree sunburn here, we’re talking about a second-degree burn which involves lifting of the skin, scabbing, and scarring. This is just one more reason that strip wax shouldn’t be used in the delicate bikini or facial areas. All waxes, whether it’s strip or hard, should be applied warm and never hot. At ASerenity Skin | Body, our hard wax is applied warm to your skin and our waxing specialist always tests the temperature on her own skin before applying the wax to the client’s skin.

A Rushed Service

How many of you reading this have experienced a Brazilian bikini wax done at breakneck speed (typically 10 – 15 minutes) which made you feel like you were on a waxing assembly-line from hell? Well, you were. Many waxing salons & spas allocate only 15 minutes for their Brazilian bikini waxing service. This is done primarily for one main reason: To make more money for the salon, spa owner, or esthetician. Keep in mind that experienced estheticians can do a brazilian wax in 15 minutes and depending on how long you have been getting this treatment, there is usually not a lot of hair that needs to be removed, so it can go faster. My personal theory is that I do not want to torture clients longer than needed.

Unfortunately, this often comes at the physical and emotional expense of the client…which is you. They will lure you in with attractively low prices (typically $25 to $45) for a 15 minute service and book you as 1 of 4 clients each hour. 10 minutes is usually the actual treatment time and 5 of those 15 minutes are used for the client to redress and for the esthetician to prep the room for the next client who is probably in the waiting room.

But wait! There’s more. Before you leave, they will try to convince you that you need to come back every 3 weeks to get waxed again…even if your hair is not long enough! Sorry to blow the whistle on other waxing establishments, but this is just another shameless tactic that many salons, spas, and estheticians tell their clients just so that they can make more money at your (painful) expense.

At ASerenity Skin | Body, we put our clients’ comfort as the number #1 priority and not dollars. We allocate approximately 30 – 45 minutes to give you a proper and virtually painless Brazilian bikini wax in an exceptionally clean and sanitary treatment room.

And, unlike many of our competitors, we don’t rebook Brazilian waxing clients every 3 weeks. Individual hair growth is dependent on many factors such as genetics, ethnicity, medical conditions, and medications just to name a few. For new clients, we tell them to monitor their hair growth to determine how fast it grows. For best results and to ensure a virtually painless treatment, we recommend the hair down south to be at least 1/2 inch long. For some, this could take 4 weeks and for others up to 8 weeks. Please note that we can wax you at 1/4″ long, however, you may experience more discomfort. The longer the hair the more hair growth cycles are ready to be waxed which means the longer your wax will last.

Lack of Confidence

Successful waxing is an art form and it takes many factors in which to have a good waxing result that’s also virtually pain-free. If your waxer is not confident in their skills, they will hesitate when pulling off the wax and it will hurt! At ASerenity Skin | Body, your waxing specialist has the confidence, skill, background, and experience necessary to provide you with an extremely sanitary, professional, thorough, and virtually painless bikini waxing service.  That is why we are a top rated bikini waxing spa near me.

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