Why Get a Bikini Wax at ASerenity

We are heading toward winter and beach days are going to be more and more unusual as time goes by.  Is this a reason to wait until spring to get “beach-ready” again?  It is actually the exact opposite and this is why:

We always hear “beauty is pain”, but it should not be that way, right?  When it comes to bikini waxing (or Brazilian waxing) most women have experienced how painful it is to remove hair from this sensitive area.  That is why going to professional skincare centers is getting more and more the norm because of all the benefits you get by getting a professional experience.

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All professionals will agree on one thing:  to stay away from the razor.  This will inevitable lead you to ingrown hairs, red bumps and nicks which will result in little scars, in addition to thickening the hair.  That’s why most skin care centers use high quality hard wax, which tends to grip the hair and not the skin.  This will prevent your skin from getting irritations and provide you with a less painful and more comfortable treatment.  Waxing is the best hair removal treatment for many reason; the hair is removed from the root, (that lies below the surface of the skin) and this process of extracting the hair will affect the follicles which means that the hair will grow more slowly that it does with other hair removal methods, and may grow back finer, sparser or not at all with repeated treatments.  Repeated waxing means fewer and fewer hairs to get rid of over time, and as a result less pain with each session.  It will take 2-3 weeks before noticing a significant re-growth of hair.  If using a razor, you will be able to see stubble after a day or two…

It is recommended going through the waxing process every 4-5 weeks at first because that’s typically the exact time it takes for your hair to hit that magical ¼ inch length needed for waxing.  You may be able to hold off up to 6 weeks if you have coarser hair or your hair grows back slower.

Getting professional waxing will prevent you from bacteria and germ invasions which is the main problem you will be exposed to by doing waxing at home by yourself.  Skin care spas sanitize every tool and use as many wax sticks as it takes to avoid “double dipping” and provide you with a clean and safe experience.  Waxing experts know the best way to remove the wax, avoiding skin tears that results in openings for infection.  This method of hair removal is also cheaper than laser hair removal, so many find it more affordable and continue to do it on a regular basis.

The experts as ASerenity Skin | Body skincare center in Point Loma are fully equipped and trained to provide you with the softest, safest, and most comfortable experience.  If you are looking for a bikini waxing spa near me, contact us to set an appointment now!


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