17 Beauty Uses For Coconut Oil (Infographic)

For over 5 years, we have used Pure Fiji Skincare products as the main staple in our signature massages and body treatments. One of the main reasons we chose them to use is because they use coconut oil as one of their big four ingredients.

When you come visit us, we will tell you many of the different ways we are using coconut oil, from hair treatments to bug bites. I recently came across this infographic from Ideal Home Garden that shows 17 ways to use this wonderful oil.

As you look this graphic, please share with us any additional ways or experiences you have had with coconut oil or any of the Pure Fiji products. And remember, if you dont have any experiences with it, come see us for a body treatment and start getting your own for at home use. Your body will love you for it.

17 Beauty Uses For Coconut Oil

17 Beauty Uses For Coconut Oil

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