Additional uses for the Pure Fiji Nourishing Exotic Oils

This year we added Pure Fiji to our line of quality skincare products we use and offer for retail.  I have been a fan of the Pure Fiji products for two basic reasons;

The company – they have a great company story.  If you are not familiar with them, look them up.  They are family owned, a green company, and they give back to their community, supporting many of them with jobs, and other economic benefits.  They have a scholarship program and make all their own products while maintaining an Eco friendly environment.  There is so much good about this company, I encourage you to research them.

The products – using a core of the highest quality natural ingredients, coconut, dilo, macadamia, and sikeci, and blending with various smells, I have found the products to be excellent.  I am writing to talk about the additional uses I have found for the Pure Fiji nourishing exotic oils.

I was told that the coconut is anti bacterial, and anti disinfectant, so when I got an irritation from a stinging nettles plant, I reached for the oil.  Immediately the itchiness went away.  I was amazed how quickly it calmed and soothed my skin.

Next I tried it on a bug bite on Anthony.  Somehow he got a bite on his arm, that had turned red and was itchy.  According to him, once I put it on, it reduced his itchiness by 30 percent, and after using a drop a day for four days, the bite was completely gone.  You could not tell where that angry red welt had been.

Well, now I was feeling bold.  Anthony complains about his eyebrows being dry.  I know, men can be a handful sometimes.  So I convinced him to put a drop on his problem area, based on the fact that these are all natural ingredients, and should not clog his pores or cause him to breakout.  After a couple of hours he came back and said skin is moist, and he is going to let Nicole wax his eyebrows, so another successful use for the oils.

And for months now, Anthony has been using the oils in his hair.  He says it leaves his hair soft and manageable.

So there you have it, new ways to use a very good skin care product from Pure Fiji.  Enjoy and let us know how you are using Pure Fiji skin care products.

You can also come visit us and experience the Pure Fiji products in our body treatments.

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