Can You Recommend a Skincare Product for Me?

As licensed skincare professionals, we are asked everyday for our recommendations about skin treatments and what products to use at home.  Our experience and knowledge of skin and products are one of the main reasons we feel clients come to ASerenity.

Here is a recent article that I want to share with you;

Nicole shares what others said on facebook

It speaks to some of the differences between drug store products and skin care products you can get at dayspa’s like ASerenity Skin | Body.  We agree alot of drug store products contain more fillers, and less of the good ingredients.  Cost can be a factor, but you only have one skin, so why not take care of it.

For us, the main reason clients see us, is to get access to us.  We always look at everyone’s skin, and our treatments and recommendations are based on your skin, your history, your habits, our knowledge, and our history with treating various skin types.  This open communication and relationship we develop with you, helps guide us, helps us to get the maximum results for you.  We participate in training and continuous education classes, so we can make sure the information we pass on to you is the best we have available.  Combine that with our passion for what we do, and it is easy to see why clients come to us.  We do skin, all day, every day.

If you have skin concerns, issues that you want answers to, or just want to preserve the skin your in, a qualified skincare professional is your best option for skincare treatments and at home products.  Seek one out today.

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