Chinese Remedies To Start Your New Year Off Right

Did you eat too much, drink too much and exercise too little during the holidays? Were you under additional stress due to overwhelming relatives, monetary needs and the desire to do it all?

There are a few remedies that can enable you to take better care of yourself, helping to keep your waist ~ and your nerves ~ from expanding.

Half a lemon and other potions
First thing in the morning before you have your coffee have a cup of hot water with half a lemon (8oz hot water to half a lemon). Not only is this surprisingly yummy, but the lemon helps kick out the old bile from the gallbladder and gets the liver working properly. This recipe aids in breaking up fats and managing stress.

Undergo an acupuncture treatment at least once a month to keep your body in balance and take the time to care for yourself. The treatment will relax you while providing the energy needed to start the year off with a bang.

Cranberry juice is effective to cleanse the kidney and liver. Mix cranberry juice and water (50/50) and drink it throughout the day.

Add three Chinese dates to your diet each day by placing them in hot water or in hot tea and drinking the substance. They are full of iron, vitamin A and C and they help calm the spirit. The Chinese have a saying, “Three dates a day keeps old age away.”

The importance of nutrition
As we age our enzyme production drops, which often results in weight gain. Eat foods that are orange in color such as papaya, pineapple, mango, sweet potato and squash, as their high enzyme content enables the proper digestion of other foods.

Include adzuki beans in your meals. These little red beans are great for nourishing the blood and enhancing metabolism. They also strengthen the immune system, helping to keep you healthy during weather changes.

Add pears and lotus root to your diet if you are suffering from sinus congestion. Drink tangerine peel and ginger in tea form or incorporate them into your cooking recipes, as tangerine peel and ginger help with indigestion and metabolism.

Healing herbs and visualization
Come see Acupuncturist, Dr. Hwang and ask him to prescribe a herbal formula. He can make it specifically for your needs to help with stress, insomnia, energy, weight gain, pain control and so much more. All natural herbs can benefit your body in so many ways.

Visualize. Spend at least 5 minutes each day visualizing everything running smoothly. Imagine the goals you set for this year. Hold that picture in your mind and smile. The more feeling you put into your visualization the more likely it will come to fruition.

Be grateful for the life you have and for all of the little things because what you focus on the most is what you receive. If you concentrate on the problems more problems will come your way. Concentrate on your blessings and the blessings will increase.

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