Christina Skincare Training

I have been using Christina Skincare for 15 years and they have continued to deliver one of the best treatments out there. I went to Long Beach yesterday for Christina Skincare Training and it was fabulous! I actually got a facial from Christina Zehavi herself. What an honor! Going to the training taught me a lot of new stuff and confirmed what I know and believe in. For example; I truly believe that people should go in the sun for no longer than 10 minutes each day without sunscreen to fill up on Vitamin B and D! During the training, Christina confirmed that I was right! She also highly recommends that people do that. What a great treatment line and I am so glad that we use it. The Oxy C Facial, Forever Young Facial, UnStress Facial and Silk Facial are all from Christina Skin Care. If you want results, try one of these facials.

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