Eyebrow tips from Hannah

Keep products off the brows – Stay clear of moisturizers, foundations, gels and other products around the brow area. All of these can absorb into the brow and prevent hair growth. We need to remember brows shouldn’t be treated like skin, they’re hair follicles. If you wouldn’t put a product on your scalp, don’t put it on your brows.

Don’t over trim – Few people actually need to trim. For neat, even looking brows, brush hairs up, and only cut the few hairs that stick out of the majority. By not over trimming, you create a fuller looking brow.

Make sure your brows are spaced correctly – A common misconception is that brows should align with your nostril; however, they should really align with the top bridge of your nose. Spacing brows too far apart makes your features appear wider.

Use the right mirror and lighting – Use suitable lighting and stay away from using magnifying mirrors to avoid over tweezing.

Getting in shape – Everyone wants fuller, thicker brows, but don’t overdo it. You do not want to overfill your arches with a brow pencil. Use a pencil that is a shade darker than your brow color. This will enhance the eyes and facial features, not distract from them.

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