Meditation in Minutes

Did you know you can learn how to deal with anything that comes into your life by developing the ability, through a simple breathing technique, to meditate in just minutes?

In only a few minutes a day you can say goodbye to anger, frustration, fear, and procrastination and start living the life you envision for yourself.  What better time to start than right now!!!

How meditation can help you
I used to think that meditation needed to be practiced in a full lotus position for at least 20 minutes, in complete silence, humming the word “ummmmm”.  If your life style is anything like mine, then you don’t even have time to sit down for a relaxed meal let alone set aside time to meditate.  There is good news… meditation does not need to take away from other things in your schedule.

Once you have learned the basic technique of Meditation, you will be able to completely focus in everyday rituals such as, brushing your teeth or washing the dishes.  Here is a quick-and-easy technique to help you gain the ability to focus your attention.

Getting Started
· Find a quiet place and sit comfortably with your back straight, feet flat on the floor, and hands in your lap.

· Start with an inhalation, and then, as you exhale, mentally label that out-breath with a number. (For example: Inhale, then exhale while silently counting “one.” Inhale, then exhale and silently count “two,” etc.) Continue for four breaths total and then repeat again, beginning at “one”.  Strive not to lose the count or regulate your breathing in any way.  Try it right now before reading any further.  Get to know how it feels to be mindful so you can bring it into your life in various ways.

· If other thoughts creep in – memories, plans, fears, or desires – as soon as you notice them, just gently return your attention to your breath and the process of counting.  No need for judging or self-criticism – just go back to inhaling, exhaling, and counting.  Although it might be difficult to stay focused at first, it eventually becomes more natural and quite satisfying.  The process of numbering each breath makes it easier to pay close attention to the breathing process.  And it’s the deliberate focus on the breathing process that is crucial.

· Be patient. A yoga novice doesn’t start off with a one-armed handstand or a first time skier on a black-diamond slalom course. The more you practice, the easier it will become.

· Begin by practicing a few moments standing in line at a store or walking down the street. You can practice anywhere and no one will ever know your doing it.

· Deepen your practice by putting in a few breath counting sessions, anywhere, for one to three minutes at a time. After a total of about 15 to 20 minutes of practice, you’ll have built up enough mental muscle to take the next step; combining meditation with visualization to create a amazingly effective technique.

· Practice, practice, practice.  Soon you will be able to conquer any situation!!

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