Microcurrent Facial, Benefits and Why You Need One

Everybody today seems to be talking about micro current facial treatments.  It looks to be the new buzz word in skin care process.  So what is microcurrent, what is a microcurrent facial and why should you get one.

Microcurrent “recharges” the facial tissue by combining electrical stimulation in combination with the naturally occurring biological current of the body.  Red and infared LED technology have been shown to improve skin firmness, texture and clarity and reduce wrinkles.  The dramatic effects of this microcurrent technology are often referred to as a “non-surgical facial-lift.”

Microcurrent uses a low level of electrical current to stimulate ATP production which drives production of collagen and elastin.  This stimulation helps to ease tensions in the skin that eventually lead to wrinkles while improving circulation for increased collagen production.  Microcurrent is known to increase product penetration and increases ATP (new cell growth), which makes it good for overall skin health.  The result is a smoother, more youthful face and vibrant skin.

This technology is used in top spas and medical offices across the country.  Microcurrent therapy started as a medical treatment and was first used to treat patients with atrophied facial muscles.  Now you can take advantage of the benefits of microcurrent treatments in the comfort of your home.

The NuFace Trinity, the only FDA-cleared microcurrent, handheld and facial toning devices,  combine soft wave micro-current technology (also known as Micro-current Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation) through the use of two globe-shaped nobs.  This product, known as the “5 Minute Face-Lift”, is a multi-solution skin care device.  NuFace Trinity is clinically tested to help you regain firmer muscles, tighter skin, lifted brow, contoured cheekbones and a more defined jaw line in as little as 5 minutes a day.

NuFace Trinity can be used anywhere on the face or body, including the cheeks, around the eyes, forehead, neck, tummy, arms and thighs.  You don’t need knives, injections, needles or lasers.  This treatment can be performed safely and conveniently in the comfort of your home.  You can appear to have turned back the hands of time without invasive surgery.

If you need some help on using this product, you can set up a consultation at Aserenty Skin | Body.  We offer NuFace Trinity devices in order to help our clients look younger and fresher.  If you don’t want to take one home, you can experience microcurrent in one of your trinity facials.

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