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Today a client, Lisa from LisaFIT received a massage from Bri, and Lisa was kind enough to share some feedback with both Bri and myself.  I know we all say we want feedback and comments, but do we really want them?

From the beginning, the team at ASerenity has always sought out feedback. It was feedback from my clients, that helped me decide to get out and start my own business, and it was the continued feedback from our clients, that has helped me shape this business.  So when we say we want to hear from you, we really mean it.  How do you grow as a person, if no one tells you what you are both doing well, and not so well.  It you don’t take the time to listen to people, how will you learn to see things from a different perspective?  How will you know what skills you need to improve?  How do you know what you have mastered?  Over the last few years, I have made tremendous strides as a person, mostly listening to feedback, and seeking to improve, and finding tools to make me a better person.

Alot is said about sites like Yelp, and reputation management has become a buzzword tossed around by marketing firms.  As a business owner, let me tell you, give me your feedback.  If we are doing something good, please tell me.  And if we are not doing something good, please tell me.  I can promise you, I want this information and I will benefit as a person and business if you are willing to share it with me.  I know if feels easier to say something on Yelp or other review sites, however, it can be very powerful and helpful to a person if you deliver the feedback to them, the manager or owner of the business.  I can tell you from watching the interaction between Lisa and Bri, both parties gained from the experience.  I really appreciated that Lisa cared enough to say something and Bri cared enough to listen.  So the next time you have service, and you feel it is worth writing about online, take a minute and share with the person.  Your words could have a powerful effect on someones future.

Oh, if you want to know if Lisa enjoyed her massage, visit her at and ask her.  She is a woman who is willing to share and give feedback.

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