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One of the greatest joys we get here at ASerenity is proving great customer service.  When clients come see us, we feel honored.  They have many choices of places they can go to, but they come to us.  No one tells us they have been forced to see us (lol), so I can only assume it is their choice.  That means alot to us.

Our goals here at ASerenity, are to have a skin center that focuses on the clients and their needs and concerns.  Our team is comprised of people who are passionate and purposeful in their lives.  While we search for the best treatment options, and provide a warm environment, we don’t want to forget our clients, the real reason we come to work every day.  Getting to know you, forging bonds, and asking questions are how we learn best to serve you.  We are human, and sometimes make mistakes or things are not exactly perfect, but we start and end the day, giving our best efforts to you, our clients.  We want you to have a good experience and to want to come back.  With all the options you have out there, we want you to remember why you went to ASerenity and why you will want to come back.

Two recent Yelp reviews has caused me to reflect, and say again, very loudly, Thank you to everyone who comes to ASerenity.  From the team we have here to the clients who walk in our door, we really appreciate the opportunity to get to know you and offer our skills. We look forward to continuing this journey and hope you do too. Please continue to share your feedback with us, and help us grow as a business and as human beings.

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