Why I Became an Aesthetician

Last week, Anthony was getting a haircut with his barber Darin, and I was reminded of why I became an aesthetician.

6 weeks ago, at Anthony’s last haircut, Darin mentioned that he was concerned about a few skin issues, and was not satisfied with what he found online, or what was told to him by others. I suggested he make an appointment, and he showed up the next Monday.  Not to discuss his specific treatments, but I showed him a skin care regime, using the Image cleanser, Clarisonic cleansing system, and an Image Daily Defense sunscreen.  This time while Anthony was getting his haircut, Darin remarked that his wife said “I loved you before, but now your skin is really looking good”.  It made me feel good to know that this active person, who is out in the sun fishing and doing other outdoor activities, is following my recommendations and getting results, results so satisfying that his spouse is noticing the difference.

I want to encourage people who have skin concerns, to speak to a esthetician.  Skin care is our business and we love to help.

And to my fellow estheticians, I cannot stress enough, great treatments followed by a solid home regime, can make a difference in your clients lives.

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